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time:2020-04-27 09:53:18

In order to pursue the highest corporate sustainability, you must meet the special challenges of the production environment. GF processing solutions are spread all over the world, with a wide range of services, from dedicated consumables, preventive services to application support, providing you with customized service solutions that ensure:
Predictability of long-term costs
Extremely high machine availability
Protect your machine globally, no matter where it is in the world
Production process optimization solution
We can provide 6 kinds of service packages according to your special needs:
Copper This service pack is ideal for customers who need stability and reliable performance.
Iron This service package is designed for customers who need uninterrupted operation and have high requirements on the availability and reliability of the machine. Normally, these customers perform parts production work and require the availability of the machine to exceed 90%.
Titanium  For some customers, unexpected downtime will incur high costs, and this service package is designed for these customers. They want the availability of the machine to exceed 95%. Aerospace customers usually must maintain such high standards.
Stable For customers who like transparent budget figures and need fixed maintenance and repair costs, they can provide stable and reliable performance.
Global Some customers conduct business globally and provide their customers around the world with high-quality products developed centrally. And this service package is suitable for these customers.
Operation This service package is suitable for customers who need to reduce expenses and increase efficiency. With these service packages, customers can negotiate affordable annual contracts with GF to provide consumables and wear parts for all their different factories.